Get Answers to All Your Plant Questions: Cactus, Succulent Plants & Moss

Find out if our succulent plants and botanical designs are right for you!

What is a cut succulent?

Think of it as a cut flower that lives for months. Succulent cuttings are rootless and owe their long lifespan to the water stored in its leaves and moisture in the air.


How do I not kill my moss arrangement?

Do nothing! It’s that easy. Our moss is preserved and requires no maintenance. Still have questions? Text or email a photo of your design with your question to 469-987-4235 or


My succulents are dead, what do I do?

This is the truly fun part of owning an Urban Spikes arrangement. You can simply replace the dead succulent (leaving the rest of your design intact) and continue to enjoy your piece. Replacements range from $15-$30 a piece. Give us a call: 469-987-4235


Will my arrangement look the exact same as the picture on the website?

Part of nature's beauty is everything is slightly different. When creating your arrangement, natural accents will be matched as closely as possible to the design selected. If any big changes are necessary, you will be contacted regarding any necessary substitutions.


Does Urban Spikes have a retail location?

Yes! We are located at 4885 Alpha Rd., Ste 115, Dallas, TX 75244. We are available Monday through Friday from 9:30am-4:30pm or by appointment. Call or text us at 469-987-4235 to schedule a time to drop by and see Urban Spikes first hand.


Are you carried by other retailers in Dallas?

Yes! You can currently shop our designs at Stanley Korshak, Scout Design Studio or Enlighten Living.


Do you offer delivery/shipping?

Currently, we only offer local delivery to the DFW area. For local delivery simply enter your zip-code upon checkout and choose your delivery day! It's that easy. (48 hr notice required). Styles available for nationwide shipping are COMING SOON! 


How fast can I get an arrangement?

We offer delivery, if available, the Same-Day or within 24 hrs of any order placed by phone to 469-987-4235. Most regular orders are turned around in three to five business days. 


Where can I see all of your products?

Click on the "SHOP" tab to see our collections. You can also see custom creations in our "Gallery". Instagram is another place to see our work. If you find an image on Instagram you would like to purchase, you can either send it in a Direct Message to our Instagram profile or screenshot and email/text the image to us and we'll help you place an order.


Will you create an arrangement in one of my containers?

Of course! We love coming up with unique designs and seeing all the different containers clients have gathered over the years. Give us a call!


I have no budget, what can you make me?

If you let us go wild, we will. We have exquisite geodes and crystals along with incredible natural accents. Please let us know your budget and we'll always work to respect it. If you truly have none, we're certainly happy to handle those request, as well. Tell us more about what you are looking for here.



What is a succulent?

Succulents or “fat plants” are drought resistant plants that owe their unusual appearance and long lifespan to the ability of its leaves and stem to store water. They thrive in dry environments with low rainfall.


What is a succulent cutting?

Succulent cuttings have been cut from the stem and are now rootless. By using cuttings for arrangements, there is no need for soil, allowing our designers to create more unusual designs.


Does Urban Spikes have a retail location?

Not yet…stay tuned. For the moment, customers may choose delivery, starting at $15, or pickup their purchase from our workshop.


Do you offer delivery?

Currently, we only offer delivery within the DFW METROPLEX, starting at $15. Our team is busy creating several designs available for nationwide shipping. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know about product updates.


How do I care for my succulents?

Urban Spikes solely utilizes succulent cuttings to create our arrangements. No watering or misting is required to maintain the arrangement, only a little indirect sunlight to increase its lifespan. Cuttings generally last from 3 to 6 months.


How do I care for my cacti?

Our Cacti arrangements thrive in warm environment with partial sunlight. We recommend sprinkling your arrangment every 3-4 weeks, being careful not to soak. 


How do I order replacement cuttings?

When it’s time for new succulents contact to order replacement cuttings. Pricing for cuttings depends on size and type. We offer delivery of your new succulents for $10, or delivery including styling for $20.


Will my arrangement look the exact same as the picture on the website?

All arrangements vary slightly as they are created using natural objects. However, this means your custom design will truly be one of a kind! When creating arrangements natural accents will be matched as closely as possible to the design selected. The customer will be contacted regarding any necessary substitutions.