Why cut succulents?!


I get asked all the time “what’s the deal with using cut succulents instead of rooted plants?” Well I have the answers! There is reasoning behind the madness of buying a plant just to watch it die (trust me).


    • Maintenance Free – We all hate caring for something, and then waking up one day to discover we killed it. Caring for cut succulents, on the other hand, is truly easy, because there’s nothing you need to do. Literally, nothing to do.

    • Water-free - Human nature causes us to want to water and tend to plants, but cut succulents live a long time with absolutely no care. They even die nicely in most cases. The succulents tend to flatten out and turn a lighter green so you can kind of ride the wave as long as you want.

    • Long Lifespan – Cut succulents live two to six months, and some types - especially the hardy aloes - last even longer. You don’t have to stress about caring for the plants, and you get to enjoy their look for a long time.

    • Easy to Replace – Replacing cut succulents is simple, and you don’t have to ruin your arrangement in the process. When replacing planted succulents, most times the arrangement has to be completely remade. Not so with these guys. You simply take the old one out and pop a new succulent on in its place, saving your beautiful arrangement to be used time and time again.

    • Expanded Creative Process – Dirt and roots inhibit how much you can do with a plant. We can make beautiful, sharp sand designs, and then glue succulents on branches, because they are rootless and don’t need to be in dirt. There’s a lot of artistic leeway that takes place without the constraints of regular plant design.

    • Aesthetic – When you water a plant, it grows, and the look of the succulent changes. Planted succulents often get leggy when watered, misshaping the original design. This look is fun for outdoors, but probably not your dining room table. When decorating indoors, the tight rosette of a cut succulent is clean and sharp looking.

Due to all these factors, cut succulents are a no-brainer. Urban Spikes’ vision is to create amazing arrangements that require no maintenance, while allowing you to bring life, color and texture into your home. And with the endless design possibilities and easily replaceable cuttings, you can allow your arrangement to evolve with you. What more could you ask for?