New Website: Bold, Bright and Better than Ever

Yes, we look shiny and new. But what is behind this makeover that is even more exciting?

We have released a lot of new features bundled and hidden within our brand new website launch. As much fun as it would be for you to comb through the pages, images, and nooks and cranny’s of Urban Spikes 2.0, we are going to give a full summary of just exactly what Urban Spikes is releasing starting April 1st.

Our biggest renovations and new releases are compromised below:

  • New products along with new product variations
  • New Custom Design Inquiry Form
  • New Custom Retail Space and Event Inquiry Form
  • New Membership Service
  • New Blog


Just to name a few! Are you excited?! We are Excited!!

New products! You asked, and we listened. Hello Flora, Elm, Akard and Olive. We hope you love them as much as we do. Also, coming to the mix is brand new sand designs for the already loved Pacific and Commerce arrangements. Upgraded custom accents? Hello Smokey Quartz, Cut Glass, Colored Moss and Dried Mushrooms.

Want to build a custom design but don’t know where to start? No worries. We’ve made it simple with step by step design options in our new custom design survey. Simply click on the “SHOP” tab and jump over to the “Custom” section to get started. Select each design element personally or skip to the bottom to give us a summary of what you are looking for and provide an inspiration image.

Have an event or retail space that needs a custom design? We covered that too! Under the SERVICES tab click on “Office” or  “Event” to get started on creating your custom design. Each page has a link to a step-by step form. From there one of our skilled design leads will contact you to discuss you arrangements and any other questions you might have.

Heard about our membership? We are offering modern botanicals like never before. Transform your space into a revolving curation of beautiful conversation pieces. Check out our membership levels and what each of them offer on the Membership page under our SERVICES tab.

Our blog is here! Obviously. Haha. However, we hope to share with you our creations, our vision for modern home décor, our passions, or muses and whatever else we find motivating, inspirational and informative. So stay tuned!