Courtney Goldberg 

Founder and Chief Designer

After working in the professional world for the better part of a decade, I was ready to have a family and make a home for us all. My husband and I bought a mid-century-modern home and took it down to the studs. We rebuilt it with a character the 1950s builder would have appreciated, but the interior design needed something original and fresh. I decided to enhance the inside spaces with my own creative touch and love of succulents, playful texture, and interesting accents.

I've never really had a green thumb, but I've always loved the warmth and inspiration plants bring into a home. My very white, angular home needed a serious color infusion. After seeing rootless or cut succulents around town in a few spots, my mind started to run with ideas. I felt more could be done with these beauties, so I started to play and build arrangements. Also, being a busy mom of two, I was drawn to cut succulents because their no care regime and the ability to make arrangements last with a simple replacement of succulents.

Combining many aspects of nature and the interesting composition that would result was truly inspiring. Wood, gemstones and so many other natural accents combined with plants creates a captivating aesthetic. Aside from cut succulents needing no care, dirt and roots inhibit how much you can do with a plant. There's a lot of artistic leeway that takes place without the inhibitors of a regular plant. I felt the creative opportunities were limitless.

When friends and family visited our new home, they kept asking where I got the plant designs they saw on our tables and counters. When I told them I created the arrangements myself, they asked if I could make some for their home, too. Soon after, Urban Spikes was born, and now our plants adorn hundreds of homes throughout Dallas.